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Automatic hydraulic fly ash brick making machine production line


Fly ash brick making machine is in Germany hydraulic ash brick molding sand based on the techniques of brick making machine, based on our years in high strength autoclaved fly ash forming mechanism of research results. In pressure, molding blocks, loading height and multiple links such as exhaust way was improved.
That makes the brick making machine unit in molding process mainly has the following features:
Fly ash brick making machine unit adopts the pressure in stages, namely each time the pressure molding process, the preloading, the molding pressure, pressure maintaining three stages; This technology is high molding pressure, long pressing time, beneficial to vent air from billet, reduce springback expansion caused by compressed air, so as to improve the compactness and strength of the tile, suitable for hot and humid, formation are beneficial to product strength of hydration products;
The brick making machine production efficiency is high, a pressure machine annual output up to 60 million pieces, in the process arrangement is very concise, can produce hollow brick, solid brick, small, pavement brick and other products of different specifications, different character. Replace and mold under the action of manipulator is very quick and convenient, it is hard to see the device in other domestic equipment.

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