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The advantages baking-free brick compared to the red brick in there?


Baking-free brick is a new kind of wall material.
1, save the land resources: baking-free brick is the use of fly ash, river sand, slag as main raw materials, main raw material for the traditional red brick is land, made a great waste of land resources in China.
2, energy saving: traditional red brick need plenty of coal resources, to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide in the process of sintering, the pollution to the air quality worse, from the perspective of environmental protection, baking-free brick after the mixing of raw materials, pressure molding, need not, natural curing molding, environmental protection to contribute to the environment, also than red brick production technology is simple, quick, is lower than the cost of red brick.
3, function, performance is good: baking-free brick has light aggregate, small bulk density, sound insulation, fire prevention, qualitative light, earthquake, and the advantages of strong, can reduce the building self-respect, conducive to building energy conservation, light-duty, high performance building materials.
4, It is advantageous to the smelting slag environmental pollution: baking-free brick do raw material uses the waste of resources, the total content can reach more than 90%, can use with carbide slag, construction waste, slag, has a very important role on environmental protection, waste.

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