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Bricks machine present problem?


Bricks machine present problem?
1 brick molding machine with stuffy car parking or attack
Because of packing too much, die hole into hard objects
Make the piston rises at the same time regulate proper feeding depth or eliminate hard objects
2 inversion of the normal work of the organization but for rotary table do not move
Active card 2 spring cracking and failure, the active card head wear too much
Replace spring 2, replace active card
3 reversal grail roll oscillations
1), greater impact among the active card with the rotary table
2), the stone roller on the mold move on the track block
1), adjust the initiative under the card with the broader market space ㎜ not greater than 1
2) roller, amend or replace
4 press the adobe thickness is smaller
1), smooth bad caused the wheel under the thrust piece, excessive wear
2) eccentric shaft bearing, pressure brick structure of inappropriate
1), improve the smooth condition, if too much push the blade wear should be replaced
2), high temperature is eccentric shaft to the appropriate stop
5 press all the green brick thickness is bigger
1), pressure brick piston wear
2) all bearing wear, pressure brick structure is too large
3), the compression part base and the market gap is too large
4), at the bottom of the mold wear too much
1), adjust the eccentric shaft if unable to adhere to replace the new plate
2), adjusting shaft parts wedge iron make bottom with the broader market space above 0.5 ㎜ pressure parts
3), repair mold bottom plane
6 single tile tile heavier than usual
A single mold roller loss too big cause packing add depth
Replace the mold roller
Seven brick molding moment oscillation crank shaft and the shaft
Gear uneven wear
Turn on the crankshaft gear ring change a direction that is fixed after half a circle
Security block brick machine skills
1), machine work, necessary mount all shields and cover plate.
2), check the electrical part of the ground wire to avoid leakage, such as sub appearances.
No standing,

3), motor car so avoid attack.
4), the machine has found abnormal, should be immediately parking to check the cleaning.
5), brick machine, not simply banning start feeding group, avoid the overload, attack damage of billet object representation.

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