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A bag of cement can be worked out how many pieces of standard brick by QT6-15 autoclaved brick machine


 Many users want to invest in new wall materials equipment, autoclaved brick machine, but for how much pieces of concrete brick a bag of cement can be produced is not particularly understood, so today we take QTY6-15 types of brick machine for example to explain.

My company's production of automatic autoclaved brick machine equipment ranging from 20000 pieces per day to 150000 pieces per day (here refers to the brick machine work 8 hours), yesterday in the process of communication with our customer service personnel, a client expressed his interest in QTY6-15 brick machine equipment, the production capacity of equipment is more than 70000 blocks, customer put forward such a question: how much pieces of brick a bag of cement can probably be made ?To this issue, we are here today to explain around friends, generally we calculated according to the standard brick.For QTY6-15 brick machine equipment, a bag of cement can produce standard bricks around 250-260 pieces, the weight of each brick is about 0.2kg.Production capacity of different types of brick machine equipment is different.If you also want to know about other types of brick machine, can call our telephone consultation, or the website online customer service.
My company as "China's brick industry association" member units, as governing units of the wall materials industry association of henan province has been continuously research and development, production of various kinds of baking-free brick, hollow brick, standard brick, lawn brick, etc.Our autoclaved brick machine series equipment complete set equipment is a dragon, let users more convenient, quick, increase production and profits in the use process.Create your brilliant tomorrow!

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