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The performance characteristics and usage of big baking-free brick machine


 From statistics of Bona Enterprise Co.,LTD, after the Spring Festival this year, big baking-free brick machine sales trend rise, let's look at baking-free brick machine equipment.

The brick making machine produced by our company on the basis of absorbing advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and the unique design of all senior engineers to join the new technology.Baking-free brick making machine reasonable structure, strong rigidity, big pressure, durable, convenient operation and maintenance, and has a pressure display, mechanical failure alarm, automatic stop power phase sequence protection, overload, short of oil, easy installation, etc.
Big baking-free brick making machine to replace the traditional clay brick, because our country population, residential buildings and residential area is relatively large, if the full use of red brick, will waste ten acres of land in our country, severely damaged the ecological environment of our country, so the emergence of baking-free brick machine equipment to alleviate the current situation of the loss of land resources in our country. The raw material adopted by baking-free brick making machine is all sorts of tailings, fly ash, slag, gravel, sand and other materials with a certain proportion of cement can be worked out baking-free brick, no destruction of land resources, and can deal with a lot of life rubbish and industrial waste.
Baking-free brick texture strong light and heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good compression performance, and can be used in the community, government, car parks, gardens and so on several occasions.The shape of baking-free brick block will also be different according to different purpose.This equipment adopts the hydraulic system control, which has the most advanced electro-hydraulic directional control valve, control the rise and fall of frame, head lift, feeding, material return, extrusion pressure, products, etc.Equipment has simple structure, stable performance, forming speed, short cycle, easy maintenance, and many other advantages.
Our big baking-free brick machine equipment system adopts the advanced mitsubishi programmable PLC touch screen industrial computer control cabinet, so that customers can be a key operation, easy control of the circuit.Bona Enterprise welcome friends around to visit for the inspection at any time.

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