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A common problem of unburned brick block machine mold


 The mould industry in unburned brick block machine equipment is very important, as people's feet with both hands, block machine equipment if not well configured mold that is a waste residue.These points below are mold processing problem Bona Enterprise in henan province  provide for the overwhelming majority of users:

1, block machine mould installation or interchange of the new and old molds, be sure to avoid a collision, knock against, civilization assembly, pay attention to protect mold.
2, regularly check unburned brick block making machine mold used size, welding combining site condition, weld cracking, shall promptly repair, wear too quickly to adjust the aggregate size, excessive impact of the quality of products are subject to match the new mold.
3, block machine mould carefully adjust clearance, including the head and the mold core, pressure head and skip sport plane, frame and line plate spacing, such as relative motion shall not interfere in, put on the skin.
4 and daily cleaning unburned brick block machine mould is that the use of air compressor, soft tool clear concrete residue, it is forbidden to pry blow mould tapping, gravity.
5 and the replacement for block machine mould, clean, besmear antirust oil, should be dry, level off place MATS flat, prevent the gravity deformation.
unburned brick block machine

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