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Baking-free brick block machine what components are involved in the hydraulic pump station?


 Now a lot of baking-free brick block machine adopts hydraulic pump station to control the work, and what is working principle of the hydraulic pump station?Rotating motor stocks move pump, pump oil absorption, oil from the fuel tank can converts mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure.Baking-free brick machine hydraulic power unit consists of motor and pump equipment, integrated block or combination valve, tank and electrical box, etc.

A motor pump equipment, equipped with a motor and oil pump, the device is the power source baking-free brick machine hydraulic pump station, can convert baking free brick block making machine mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure energy.
Integrated block, which is composed of hydraulic valve and channel body assembly, direction, pressure and flow control for hydraulic oil.For brick machine equipment, integrated block is also an indispensable part.
Valve combination: plate valve installed on the vertical plate, plate thick pipe connection, function and integration block.Electrical box is divided into two kinds.A set of external wire terminal board, another is equipped with a full set of control electronics.
The baking-free brick block machine produced by our company adopts the principle of the hydraulic pump station is: rotating motor stocks move pump, pump oil absorption, oil from the tank to convert mechanical into hydraulic oil pressure can.Hydraulic oil goes through integrated block after implementation of direction, pressure and flow control, via external pipe to the oil cylinder of hydraulic mechanical oil motor, and then control the direction of the actuator to change, the size of the strength and different speed can promote all kinds of hydraulic machinery.
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