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After the Dragon Boat Festival to introduce performance characteristics of QTY10-15 automatic baking-free brick machine


 With full-bodied traditional Dragon Boat Festival is over.A lot of friends on the way go back to our jobs or is working on the job.Bona engineering staff in baking-free brick factory has returned to work.

Recently, many users advisory QTY10-15 automatic baking-free brick machine, want to understand the performance characteristics of the brick machine equipment, today is a brief introduction for you.
1, 10-15 baking-free brick machine is processed with high strength steel, our workshop have senior blue-collar welder to use excellent welding technology, perfect welded together.The machine level off, smooth surface.
2, automatic baking-free brick making machine equipment adopts the advanced hydraulic pump station system, full automation, saving a large amount of human labor.
3, baking-free brick machine equipment driven by sensing and hydraulic proportional technology, feeding rapid uniform distributing machine working condition.
4, 10 to 15 baking-free brick machine control system adopts the advanced computer control cabinet,the user can freely control equipment running status by pressing few buttons, timely adjust the equipment working condition.Computer control cabinet is easy to operate, and is suitable for men and women.
5, Raw material storage device 10-15 automatic baking-free brick machine uses is the second silo hopper, with large capacity.Equipment for the funnel, convenient raw material strain.
Bona welcome you to visit company at any time, our factory have finished product exhibition area for different baking-free brick.We have different plate products, you can freely choose.We will provide you with the detailed technical parameters and quotation.Let you choose for your models
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