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A new generation hydraulic baking-free brick machine equipment is undertaken to prevent pollution from the materials


 The deterioration of the natural environment, the earth has been overtaxed.So China has begun to attention environmental issues, and action.Modern people have higher and higher technical requirements of hydraulic baking-free brick machine, although many brick machine equipment are already on the market belongs to the green environmental protection, but there are some stories about the brick machine pollute the environment.For the problem that baking-free brick machine will pollute the environment problem in the process of production, the study found that the problem is mainly on the raw material processing link.In the newspapers and on television after seeing reports of environmental pollution by baking-free brick machine, Zhengzhou Bona thinks we should start from their own, so Bona hydraulic baking-free brick making machine material classification center is on a new round of further development.   

For part of the raw material particles is large, contain pollutants.We will use crusher large material adequately, after careful screening.Commonly used raw materials are industrial slag, river sand, the sand, slag, etc., in order to more fully guarantee the environmental protection standard of a new generation of baking-free brick, our technical staff also provides investors with the early stage of the industrial waste residue is dry, disposal and special milling process, such as exclusive patented technology.   
In addition, we also carried out on the technology of baking-free brick machine equipment continuously innovation and development, with no pollution of hydraulic oil pump, to mold a piece of, adopt the special alloy steel special mold, the mold is not only accordance with environmental protection brick special production process, more economic, wear-resisting properties.   
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