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Baking-free brick machine is developed, by accident or inevitable?


 Anything is a certain inevitability of development, in the 1980 s, China began to give priority to development the eight hole brick making machine, opened a new era of hollow block baking-free brick machine.But nowadays, the technical level has not developed, so the invention of the brick machine equipment are disc rolling, each time only a brick, production is very low.

In order to increase the production of the brick machine, every time Bona engineers developed honeycomb briquet machine type hollow block baking free brick making machine with the suppression out two pieces of brick, brick or even four brick.Although this brick machine equipment is with no plate, able to pallet, but this brick machine equipment does not conform to our country mechanical continued working principle, finally ended in failure.Has always been various production brick machine equipment manufacturers in China are not regular army, belong to the non-standard equipment.In the ninety years, on the basis of the introduction of foreign wall machinery in our country, our country developed a hollow block molding machine, which opened a new chapter in our country for the future of the social development.    
In the 21st century, our country's wall materials, unburned brick block has entered into a fast developing stage.Baking-free brick machine equipment for the production of each enterprise is to flowers, but our country's rural areas, and other areas for unburned brick block machine, hollow brick machine equipment such as still don't understand.Later, multi-function block brick machine was born.In 2010, with the deepening of the national policy on wall materials, baking-free brick machine the momentum of rapid development in the ear of vigorous development.Many investors, enterprises have joined the new kind of industry.As the technology strives for perfection and deep transformation.Produced a new type of automatic maintenance production line.The equipment of the main equipment are: baking-free brick machine, distributing machine, conveyor belt, mixing machine, mixer, molding machine, lift slab systems, fall plate system and palletizing system, etc.   
Up to now, in 2014, and after four years of development process, baking-free brick machine have a further improvement and innovation, into the advanced hydraulic system, adopts the PLC computer control system.Let baking-free brick machine to improve efficiency further, reduce the human labor, the hollow block baking-free brick machine now fully realize the automatic production line machine, electricity, liquid integration.

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