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small baking-free brick machine is the good partner of the construction unit


 Human beings invented the traffic tools, human invented the computer, the invention of clay brick, these brought the convenience of travel, the convenience of work and the convenience of housing to people’s life.Solid clay brick is known to all as early as a few years began to slowly step out of our lives.Our country is now popular in baking-free brick.Our company produces the small baking-free brick machine on the production process for continuous improvement and innovation, now small brick machine can be widely used.At the same time has many advantages:

1, small brick machine equipment of various raw materials, relative to the previous single solid clay red brick clay raw material.Greatly expanded the scope of raw material, raw material costs reduced by the brick machine.  
2, small baking-free brick machine besides the frame itself, the overall equipment suspension and connection parts are using spring, vibration molding will not only realize the pressure head, mold, mold core and four tube plate vibration.Ensure the high density and uniformity of product, and smooth operation, low noise, good damping effect is realized.
3, convenient  baking-free brick machine mould replacement, regardless of the operating workers are male female die can be quickly replaced.In the mould, the equipment can work out different shapes of bricks.   
4, brick machine equipment at the bottom of the board in the molding and core box can be synchronous vibration, impact, thus the service life of wood products can extend more than double compared to with 0.5, small baking-free brick machine can produce a variety of products: all brick, road tile college, standard brick, hollow brick, two hole, bricks, planting grass lawn bricks, blind brick, and so on all kinds of bricks.These baking-free brick can be widely used in the city, park, visit scenic spots, and many other places.     
In a modern society, the use of more and more small baking-free brick machine construction, engineering, brought great convenience to our life.

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