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Wall building baking-free brick machine finished products with strong compressive ability and green environmental protection


 The wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, no one will ever forget this day, after the earthquake, the people across the country are focusing on disaster area people's life safety.Fire officers and soldiers is actively in the save operation throughout all the provinces.After several times after the earthquake, earthquake damage for blocks around the house and put forward higher request.

Earthquake, in the boat, mainly under the influence of horizontal seismic action, damage of the building with the structure type and the different seismic construction measures.Damage mainly has the following two kinds.
One is due to inadequate bearing capacity of structure or component damage.For multi-story masonry buildings and houses with internal frame, seismic design requirements of wall brick baking-free brick machine masonry when the horizontal seismic action houses along the lateral impact on housing, the horizontal earthquake function mainly through the floor to cross wall, and then spread to base and foundation.At this time, the cross wall shear, mainly bear produced inside the walls when the earthquake action of shear force than the shear bearing capacity of the masonry, produce inclined cracks or cross cracks.When horizontal seismic action along the longitudinal impact on housing, housing level earthquake mainly through the floor to the vertical wall, and then spread to base and foundation.If the wall between the Windows is very wide (small aspect ratio), the vertical wall will be mainly shear failure;If the wall between the Windows is very narrow, also can produce bending damage.
The wall brick baking-free brick machine produced by our company, it is a kind of equipment for processing all kinds of building bricks.The equipment to produce baking-free brick block has strong compressive ability, can withstand a certain pressure, at the same time should be advocated by the baking-free brick or country one of the new type wall materials of green environmental protection.Baking-free brick in use process, can effectively prevent walling, prevent collapse due to weak resistance to pressure.
brick machine
brick machine

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