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Brick machine's new trend


Beginning in 2010, all cities nationwide ban on the use of clay brick, and strictly limit the number of bricks. With the birth of automatic hydraulic brick machine, automatic brick production is to provide a guarantee. China in the late 19th early 20th century began the introduction of foreign unburned brick production equipment, along with the domestic automatic hydraulic machine R & D success, began to appear a large number of domestic use of industrial waste produced unburned waste production line. Since automatic hydraulic machine equipment research and development is difficult, with high technical content.

The new year of China's brick machine industry is a "single spark can start a prairie fire," brick machine equipment can effectively utilize fly ash, slag, and even industrial waste for recycling, for the country, for the people to continue to make contributions. Brick machine energy-saving environmental protection, new wall materials are subject to the national recognition. Brick machine is set up between the state and national industry brick bridge for the community to make a great contribution.

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