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Various block machine What is the difference


Many people think that block making machine and brick machine is equated, in fact, this is wrong, as we mentioned website link dead links and errors, it seems exactly the same, what makes the difference with emotion. Block machine only in certain areas Mianshaozhuanji works with some similar, but in some ways, the difference is still very large. It's like choose your own "love" is just as important. Do not believe! Look carefully elaborated below, you as a buyer, you will have to understand.

Some businesses purchase Mianshaozhuanji see block making machine, both machines feels like a piece of equipment two names. To see more, but added puzzled. In fact, this concept of block making machine large areas, including: Mianshaozhuanji, sand-lime brick, hollow brick, liquid PRESS etc., if say, can it be said up several brick equipment, he is the puzzle Block Molding Machine family of one. Function is not the same, also shaped the difference between brick and brick, but divided the same block molding machine production fields.

Mianshaozhuanji production started in the early stages of reform and opening up, most brick machine manufacturers start empty-handed, though production machinery has the ability, but some do not know Mianshaozhuanji principle, simply Mianshaozhuanji imitation or introduce some other foreign elimination technology for production. These so-called "technology", also sold on the domestic market, strong block brick. Since the beginning of this century, the originator of Mianshaozhuanji only from his block molding machine, led gradually improve production skills to supplement their own do not have the advantage. Take the principles of classification block making machine in there: Mechanical vibration and hydraulic extrusion, such as different modes of production. It was previously Mianshaozhuanji are not, just brick people unhesitatingly called the name was used to, encounter the real block molding machine'd feel strange.

Block making machine including Mianshaozhuanji, this point is not exactly true, but only shock Mianshaozhuanji squeeze it a model for the production of a normal building blocks required for building materials, reducing the steam curing step, This could be considered a low-carbon production. Low-carbon jobs, low-carbon life, it is the pursuit of modern society, but also the people are asking for. Mianshaozhuanji block molding machine with more distinction, which is always a contact. This is a friend will ask why these, you say you are not white! ? No white that says clearly, you buy it straightened out Mianshaozhuanji ideas, it will not be the so-called experts in Mianshaozhuanji manufacturers Fudge, upside down and block Mianshaozhuanji molding machine and wrong. So you can clearly make a decision to buy brick machine, block making machine equipment or buy the family's other devices, the real meet their own needs.

Mianshaozhuanji block molding machine with the difference of the points, it's like the same selection of his beloved wife, watching the beautiful face, chest, height and so most of the same, in fact, the character of which is very different. It depends on you, depending on your needs. Only the election of the block brick equipment, can be truly rich. Good look at the difference between these devices, you will truly find their own "love"!

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