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Brick machine using technology and operations considerations

Brick machine technical excellence :

1 , son, mother of the product is removed from the car kiln conservation Conservation Board sent down by lowering the trigger to be palletizing , transported to the finished product from the truck yard .

2 , automatic operation , easy installation , you only need a flat concrete floor , do not need to use anchor bolts .

3 , sand brick making machine by PLC computer intelligent control, hydraulic transmission , vibration compression molding . Computer control according to the production of different products , the demand for different materials , the random adjustment parameter . Echo each other and interlock each operation , security and stability. Random monitoring of automatic fault tips, man-machine dialogue.

4 , according to the user's production requirements , use of different types and specifications of the mold, the production of various concrete wall block, brick , grass brick parking , road blocks and water hydraulic products , to achieve a multi-purpose machine ;

Hydraulic brick making machine precautions when using :

1 as resulting in mold , each part of the balance arm and the host open welding or damage occurs because the lower mold under the pressure of a pressure regulator is too small

(2) If the regulator fails, because the pressure regulator spring damage or failure ; ( should be replaced the same type of pressure springs )

3 cylinder vacuum brick machine cylinder leakage is found , because the loss of cylinder seals sealing effect ; ( corresponding model should be replaced seals )

4 . The mold when producing bricks loose brick , brick fracture phenomena , or off the brick with the lower die when their own mention because of the head pressure is too low

5 less than the vibration force of the vibration motor , the length of the brick or tile cycle loose , because the pressure of the lower mold under excessive pressure regulator

6 intrapartum brick bricks found in the middle of the bulge , because the pressure head cylinder pressure is too high , or the vibration time is too short , the pressure on the die failed to put in place .

7 . Pump motor is struggling to hold back stop or turn , leads to burning motor , because the total pressure regulator device ( under the big nut distributor ) regulator too large.

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