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Five Reasons brick machine is widely used

Since the advent of foam concrete bricks machine is very widely used, mainly due to the following five points:

1, hydraulic brick making machine equipment for less demanding production conditions. Plants do simple shed, open storage products, no warehouse, less demanding on the quality of workers.
2, the investment can be very flexible, flexible production. Small investments can start from a small amount of mold can also direct large-scale production, both fixed-site production, can also be moved to production.
3, broad technical purposes. Using this technique to change the mold can produce portable brick making machine, insulation bricks, light panels, insulation boards can also be used as a lightweight cast concrete roof, wall, wall, floor heating and other thermal areas.
4, brick machine equipment using four-oriented approach to ensure the accurate movement of the ram and die; brick body using high-precision, high strength castings and special welding techniques and materials, rigid, vibration-resistant, long life.
5, the electrical system can be imported color touch screen and programmable logic controller PLC, the control system may include safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.

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